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Great Lakes Pressed Steel – Company History

Great Lakes Pressed Steel – Company History

Great Lakes Pressed Steel Corporation's history is one that has stood the test of time against a number of different external obstacles over the past one hundred years. With each obstacle, the company has managed to evolve with the changing times into the company that exists today that is capable of manufacturing various products to meet your needs. The company prides itself in the family values that they have instilled into the organization, which were established by founder Gottfried Adolphson in 1919, which includes establishing and maintaining honest relationship with our customers that promises to deliver the best quality products at reasonable prices.

Gottfried Adolphson

Through the past five generations, each family member has taken the necessary steps to maintain the company values, which includes taking pride in our work, working closely with our customers, and providing the best possible product. The founder, Gottfried Adolphson, originally started this company in 1909 under the name of Eagle Stamping and Tooling with four other partners. By 1919, he was able to secure the entire company and changed the name to its existing name today. He was a critical influence in orchestrating the foundation for the company that gave the following generations the ability to branch off to different types of products that allowed the company to grow.

Robert Nichols

Gottfried Adolphson's son-in-law, Robert M. Nichols, took over responsibility of presiding the company in 1960. Known for his work ethic and conscientiousness, he established a strong base for detail-oriented processes that allow us to customize products for each client.

Robert Nichols Junior

Robert's son, Robert Junior, became CEO in 1971, focused mainly on maintaining a strong relationships with customers. It is because of him that we have many of the customers that we have today.

Currently, Tim Nichols, Robert Junior's son, has presided over the company since 1998, promising the same values as his great, great grandfather promised in 1919. After 93 years Great Lakes Pressed Steel has proven time and time again that they value the relationship with customers and will do whatever it takes to meet their needs and sustain a solid relationship. Currently Tim works with his two sons, Jason and Andrew, who have earned their degrees from Rochester Institute of Technology, and hope to one day follow their fathers' steps and continue the tradition of keeping the family business running on the same values Gottfried created.

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