CNC Turret Punch Press

What is a CNC Turret Punch Press?

A CNC Turret Punch Press is a machine that punches a variety of shapes at a specified size out of sheet metal. The holes can be of different shapes, such as circles or squares. The machine works on an XY axis and runs at a high speed, and is best used when you have a project that requires a large number of holes.

Upon receiving a drawing, we map out the most efficient way to cut out your parts from sheet steel. The parts are then manufactured and any bending or secondary operations are done at this time.


Cost-effective: Low to no tooling cost – we have a large catalog of tooling on hand to produce accommodate whatever project comes our way

High productivity: With 300 hits a minute, this machine is great at producing a high quantity of holes in a short amount of time.

High efficiency: Precise, and through proper design, we limit the amount of scrap produced.

What Types of Materials Can Be Used?

It is a very versatile machine. Any metal or material can be punched up to a certain width. Depending on the material, we can go up to ΒΌ inch.

Why Choose GLPS?

GLPS technicians are expertly trained and know how to run the punch press efficiently and cost-effectively, saving you time and money.