What is Deburring? 

During the metal machining process, small imperfections such as raised edges or extra pieces of unwanted material are often left behind. These are known as “burrs.” If left untreated, burrs can interfere with the product’s lifespan and functionality. Removing the burrs or “deburring” can help metal components stand up to stress and corrosion and creates a stronger, safer, more visually appealing final product.

There are three major ways to deburr metal:

Vibratory Deburring

Vibratory deburring is a technological innovation that allows large volumes of metal components to be processed with speed, efficiency, and cleanliness.

A vibratory deburring machine features a large bowl made of resin. The unfinished metal components are placed in the bowl with water and a variety of customizable chemicals and additives (or media) that help achieve the desired effects of the final product. These media can determine the smoothness of the product, create rust resistance, deep clean, and polish.

The machine uses vibration to slowly move the metal through the media. As the components pass through the media and tumble and roll against each other, burrs are removed and the metal undergoes the rest of the finishing processes. The final product can be easily separated from the media right in the vibratory deburring machine and is ready for final packaging.


  • Fast and easy way to process large volumes of small metal components
  • Media can clean crevices and hard-to-reach areas
  • Effectively cleans and removes oil, metal shavings, and other dust particles
  • Creates a smooth, polished finish
  • Product is ready to be boxed

Barrel Tumbling

A rotary barrel tumbling machine uses tumbling rather than vibration to deburr metal components. After the unfinished metal, media, and water are placed in the machine, motor-powered barrels rotate, moving the metal through the media. As the metal pieces tumble and hit each other, the burrs are removed. While the tumbling approach  is efficient, it does not create pieces that are as smooth and clean as vibratory deburring.


  • Fast and economical way to process high volumes of small metal components 
  • Perfect for jobs that do not require strict visual specifications

    General Deburring 

    When projects consist of lower quantities or larger pieces of metal, general deburring is often a good fit. This approach uses a belt sander, metal file, or wire wheel to deburr and is done entirely by hand.


    • Perfect for large pieces of metal or low quantity products
    • Easier to achieve specific visual specifications

    Why Choose GLPS?

    At GLPS, we have more than 100 years of experience in delivering custom metal products made to our customers’ unique specifications. Our attention to detail combined with the industry’s latest technology ensures our customers receive the highest quality product and service. The majority of our products are proudly made in the USA*.

    *All of our manufacturing, assembly, and finishing is completed in the U.S.A from high-quality metals and other raw materials, the majority of which are also made in the U.S.A.   From time to time we may source steel and other metals from Canada or other countries to offer our customers lower prices or where particular metals are not manufactured in the U.S.A. If having a product “all or virtually all” made in the U.S.A. is important to you, please let us know and if we can complete your order with entirely made in the U.S.A. materials, we will be happy to do so. We can also provide certificates, showing the place of origin of the metal, if requested at the time your order is placed”.