The Benefits of Vibratory Deburring

Sump Pump Inlet Plate

At Great Lakes Pressed Steel, we are proud to offer a variety of finishing services that allow our customers to streamline their operations and save time and money. Our vibratory deburring machine enables our team to deburr, clean, and finish a product for final packaging, all in one simple operation.

Recently, our team used the vibratory deburring machine to assist one of our customers in manufacturing sump pump inlet plates. The components were manufactured using deep draw metal stamping and required deburring and cleaning before they could be welded to create the final product. Rather than shipping the component to different metal manufacturers for each finishing service, Great Lakes Pressed Steel was able to deburr, clean and weld the product all in-house.

Deep draw metal stamping creates sharp, unfinished edges, and these extra, unwanted pieces of metal (or “burrs”) affect the visual specifications and functionality of the inlet plate components. In addition, the burrs presented a safety hazard to anyone handling them in the next stages of manufacturing or use. The nature of deep draw metal stamping creates hard-to-reach nooks and crannies on components, which presents a challenge for cleaning and deburring via other methods. Processing them by hand or with tumbling deburring simply was not going to be effective. After deburring, the component of the inlet plate needed to be welded in order to create the final product, meaning each surface of the component needed to be completely clean and free from dust or oil. These factors made this component a candidate for vibratory deburring, a fast, efficient and clean method of processing large amounts of metal.

The Process

The components were placed in our vibratory deburring machine in a large bowl made of resin. As the machine ran, the bowl vibrated and slowly moved the inlet plate components through the media (water and a specialized cleaner), effectively removing oil, dust, debris and extra metal “burrs” from even the hardest to reach places on the components. After the parts were finished in the machine, they were moved directly onto drying tables and boxed for the next stages of manufacturing. Vibratory deburring saved hours of manpower on this project, helping our customer to save time and money.

Learn More About Vibratory Deburring

Vibratory deburring is a fast and easy way to process large volumes of small metal components, and the media can be customized to fit nearly any visual or functional specification (varying degrees of smoothness, anti-rust coating, deep cleaning, polishing, etc).

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